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10 Steps to Living your Dream Life - 

The Disney Way

is a 10 part video series which takes you step by step through a process deep reflection, with a Disney Movie quote acting as a tool for introspection.


Each quote acts as a stepping stone , down into your own rabbit hole, bringing forth to your conscious mind the hidden unknown aspects & beliefs that lay within your unconscious. 

This is a process of clearing the path that blocks you from seeing that the life you desire already exists! 


So, these ten steps are more of a clearing your own pathway rather than building anything new. They are a pathway for self transformation through introspection.


I share my journey as an example to inspire you enough, for you to do the same for yourself.

Each video asks you to give yourself a span for at least a couple of days to couple of weeks for you to deeply reflect on each question, which might sound easy but in real show you how to do deep inner work.