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Are you an Absorber or a Gladradiator?!!

As we walk further on our path of Self Transformation, we might often find ourselves focusing more on being positive and refraining from all the possible negativities.

But what we tend to overlook amidst all the positivity and the negativity in life, is the fact that - Are we absorbing it all or are we radiating it all?

And so, the ultimate question we can ask ourselves in any life scenario is -

“Am I an Absorber in this situation?” OR “Am I a Radiator in this situation”?

For an Absorber persona is like a sponge soaking up all the water around it.

  • · Absorbers soak up all that is in their environment – people, things, interactions, energies, etc.

  • · Absorbers soak up ‘outside-in ‘ and hence often tend to blame people, circumstances and all that is outside of them for their failures and negativity.

  • · Absorbers tend to think in terms of avoiding negativity and surrounding themselves with the positivity.

  • · Absorbers often find themselves dependent on the outside circumstances, people and situations for their failures & successes.

  • · Absorbers can never truly be in control of their lives. Hence, they often try to make changes outside – in by trying to manipulate their environments, situations and people.

While on the other hand,

A Radiator persona is like a radiator who emits warm energy in its environment.

  • · Radiators are all about inside-out, they emit either positive or negative where ever they are and hence their focus is inwards, focusing on what they are emitting.

  • · Radiators take responsibility for their negative experiences, and turn inward to correct it each time.

  • · Radiators are often alchemists for they believe in transforming their negatives into positives.

  • · Radiators are independent of the outside circumstances for their failures and successes. Rather, they see it as a reflection of what is within and hence don't tend to blame people, situations and circumstances outside of them.

  • · Radiators work their way towards controlling themselves which reflects in their lives. Every situation, every experience is but taken as a clue, a feedback to go within and change the thermostat!!

That’s when we realize and understand that Absorbers are Takers and Radiators are Givers.

Absorbers therefore worry about what they are Receiving!

While Radiators only focus what they are Giving Out!

And so then, the question is not as much about ‘Being Positive’ or ‘Being Negative’ but rather about ‘Being an Absorber’ or ‘Being a Radiator’?

While most of us fall in between, and find ourselves going to and fro from both these modes of being……

If we are to truly become the Transformers of our lives -

Isn’t it wiser to truly turn ourselves into Radiators?!! So that we can turn that thermostat within to emit love and light!!

If we are to truly become the Gladradiators in our lives –

Isn’t it wiser to focus on how to become a Radiator?

For its only when we are glad to be radiators, can we truly emit the qualities of a Gladiator!!

#walkwithmi as we become ‘Gladradiators’ in our lives – Glad to Radiate love and light!


I thank you for #walkingwithmi on this journey of Self Transformation. If you find this helpful – please consider liking, sharing this blog and sharing your thoughts in the comments.

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