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My Story

"When I failed to change the world outside,

I decided to change the world inside"

And so, began my journey of Self Transformation in the year 2019 with the creation of Mi&u -

Using Disney quotes as a tool for introspection & reflection to bring to life the shadow aspect of Mi! 

Bringing to existence my first video series -

10 steps to Manifesting your Dream Life - the Disney

Way - An inner adventure that not only brought out the hidden fears in different forms but also the hidden creative talents I didn't know I had within.

Juggling for almost a year, between my new venture of an online web-shop in to the magical world of Disney Jewelry and my new found passion for creating videos on Self Transformation. 

The historical lockdown 2020 brought to existence yet another series of Life Transforming videos -

Covid  - 20 Ways to Unlock the Genie within.  


And I  knew it was time to choose one & give it my all!

As tough a decision it was, I knew for sure it was Mi&u!!

Mi&u is all about becoming the change we want to see in our world.

Through my vlogs & blogs, my aim is to show everyhow how life transforming a little introspection, reflection & shadow work can be. Hence this journey is not about following one another but rather walking together as we each become the change we want to see in our world. 

#walkwithmi on this inner adventure into the unknown....


Allow Mi to be your Guiding Light on your journey of Self Transformation

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