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Be the change you want to

see in your world!

Mi&u are three letters that reflect three parts of us namely - our 'Higher Self', our 'Ego self' and our 'Lower self'


Mi&u are three letters that also reflect the separation, we feel and experience in our lives when  the 'i&u' aspects of us are disconnected.

Our journey of self transformation begins by consciously replacing M'e' with M'i'  

replacing our 'e'go self with 'i' 

which then compels us to ponder up on the questions - 'What is 'i'

This  leads us to introspect, reflect & contemplate on 'i'

which eventually leads to us realizing that the  transformation is of the 'e'go self into 'i'

for it's only then, the 'i' and 'u' parts of us can unite, connect to form 'W'e .

And when finally, as move further on this journey, we are able to drop the final 'e'go self from the W'e' that we are magnetically pulled toward our 'Higher Self' - M to complete the puzzle of eternity and be whole and complete. 


With this video series, i aim to explain and  further through  light on Mi&u