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7 steps to finding and grounding your Mi-ssion Mi-Possible

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

7 steps to finding your Mi-ssion Mi-Possible

As we all have learnt from the previous blog - " Possible or Impossible", it's not about whether something is possible or impossible, it's about whether it is important enough for you to turn it into a 'Mi'ssion. For the very Mission then turns the 'Impossible' in to Mi-ssion Possible!

So then, as we move forward in life, the question then comes to our mind is –

Of all the creative endeavors that I want to pursue in life, how do I find ‘The One’ and turn it around into my Mission in life?

So here are my 7 steps to finding out if a certain creative endeavor can be turned into a

Mi-ssion Mi-possible :

1. M- agnetic :

The questions to ask ourselves when pursuing any venture is

‘How magnetic is it?

Does it pull me enough for me to commit to it 100% ?

Does it invoke the magnetism within me?

Or is it temporary pull?

Is it magnetic enough to pull me totally for me to fully and completely dedicate myself into this creative endeavor?

For unless its magnetic enough to draw you in, how will you stay focused enough? Unless you truly fall in love with it, the priceless qualities of focus, dedication, determination, persistence, perseverance won’t emerge out of you.

2. I – nspiring:

Is this venture inspiring you enough?

Is it drawing out of you not only your best qualities but prompting you to fine tune your skills and inspiring you enough to learn new skills?

Is it inspiring enough to encourage you to step out of your comfort zones and take calculative risks to see it through?

Is this inspiring you not only to grow in terms of business venture but also you as a person?

Unless, the creative endeavor inspires you enough, the Self – Discipline needed to stay on track and manage all aspects of this venture, will be hard to come by.

3. S- ustaining:

Is this venture just a mere creative passion? OR

Are there possibilities of turning it around into a livelihood, an earning to sustain you for the practicalities of life?

For unless, it can sustain you financially, it will be limited to just a creative passion you can give your attention to in your free time.

Be creative enough to find out how it can sustain you financially, for you to be able to relentlessly turn it into a full time creative passion.

4. S-upporting:

Do you see and feel this creative passion not only supporting you financially but also emotional and spiritually?

Can your venture not only support you but also be of support to others – either in terms of service or product?

Will it enhance not only your life but that of all who come across it?

5. I-nnovative :

How innovative is your venture?

Are you just modeling the ‘tried and tested’ ways? How safe are you playing?

Or are you innovative enough to come up with something totally new?

Because remember, world remembers and values those who are innovative, who are creators.

6. O- riginal :

Innovation and Originality goes together. You will want to make it your life Mi-ssion only if it’s original! After all, deep down we all want to be true to our selves, for it is only then you will be able to trust your gut instincts needed to make sharp, precise and crystal clear decisions. Creative endeavors are best started from scratch, on a blank canvas, fresh and original.

7. N-ourishing:

In the end, it’s not as much the money earned out the creative venture, as it is about the journey. And the journey of creating it all is all about high energy levels.

Is the venture nourishing you at all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually? Otherwise the initial persistence and perseverance can lead to burn outs and backing out or dropping out completely.

These 7 steps are a guideline and can act as a checklist for all your creative pursuits.... for you to be able to turn it into your Life Mission and then break it down further into mini-goals to notch it up and turn it into ‘THE MI-SSION MI-POSSIBLE’

These are the guidelines and checklist, I have checked as I turn my creative passion and endeavor : Mi&u - #walkwithmi into my Mi-ssion Mi-possible.

Share in the comments below which of your creative passions, endeavors complete this checklist?

If you have found these four blogs from the month of august 2020 useful and beneficial, please consider referring it to your friends and family who might need it.

I thank you very much for ‘Walking with Mi’ on this journey of Self – Transformation and trusting me enough to join one of my ‘Paid Plan Options’.

I look forward for you to sharing this journey with me further as I commit to sharing with you the content that I am living in my life.

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