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Where is your steering wheel positioned?!

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

In our attempt to be #right....we often go #leftnright to prove everyone #wrong.

And so, as we see this illustration, the first question that might cross our minds is - Who is driving right and who is driving wrong?

Fortunately, we are walking on our path of #selftransformation.... Hence, we search for a lesson even in this illustration!

And so, as we ponder upon the question, we realize that, the answer largely depends on which country the person is driving in and what the country's fundamental driving rule is - the Left Hand side or the Right Hand side of the road?!

Using this as an analogy, we come to understand that a lot of rights and wrongs that we conclude in our lives also largely depends on which environment the person is living in and what the environment's fundamental living rule is – the Left side of life or the Right side of life?! (Leftist or Rightist)

But this illustration also brings forth an important question to ponder upon and that is -

What is the person driving? A two-wheeler/three-wheeler OR a four wheeler ?!

Taking that analogy , another question that comes up is - What 'drives a person' ?

Is the person : Heart-Driven or Brain-Driven?

A brain-driven persona is akin to a person driving a four wheeler, and hence the positioning of the steering wheel becomes important – left hand drive or right hand drive i.e. left brain dominant or right brain dominant?!

Hence, just as a person finds it easier to drive a left-hand drive car in countries where the driving rule compels driving on the right-hand side of the roads and vice versa.....

The same way, the left-brain dominant personas find it easier to live in an environment where the living rules conforms them to live on the right side of life and vice versa....

That is not to say that, the person can’t drive left-hand drive cars in countries where the driving rule compels driving on the left-hand side of the road and vice versa...

Pretty much the same way, it's not that left brain dominant personas can’t live in environments where the living rules conform them to live on the left-side of life and vice versa.....

They can but the only drawback is that, they are not where they are made to be Driven/Lived!!

On the other hand,

A heart driven person is akin to a person driving a two wheeler or a three wheeler, the position of the steering wheel is always in the center.

It may take a while to adjust to the country’s fundamental driving rule of : left-hand side or right- hand side of the road – it is nonetheless, easier to ride anywhere in the world!!

The same way, the heart-driven personas may take a while to conform to its environment’s fundamental living rule of – leftist or rightist– it’s nevertheless easier to live anywhere in the world!!

Hence, the plus point here is that, they can be anywhere..... for they are made to be Driven/Lived everywhere!

And so, the question that should now come to our minds is not - Who is living right and wrong or Who is driving left and right but rather

How do I transform my 'Brain Driven' persona into a 'Heart Driven' one?!

#walkwithmi as we each make that shift in our lives and live an authentic life that is lived from our hearts ‌....For its only when we -

· 'Follow our Hearts' - We will find our brains automatically balancing it's self....

· 'Listen to our Hearts' - We will find ourselves free enough to live (drive ) in any environment....

· 'Feel our Hearts' – We will realize that even though it’s on left, it’s always right!

I thank you for #walkingwithmi today with this post. If you find it inspiring, do like and share it.

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