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Redefining 'Home-Work'

Home is where our heart is, And we all have our heart, within

Work is an activity, any form of activity....

So, isn’t Home Work but a ‘Within Work' – The Work Within??

So, isn’t Home Work but a ‘Heart Active’Activating the Heart Within?

As we walk further on our path of Self Transformation, we realize the importance of ‘HOME WORK’. Whether it is school work, office work, house work, gym workout, spiritual work –

No matter what work it is, we all have ‘Home Work’….

No matter how much we work, we still have ‘Home Work’….

No matter what we call it - ‘Back Work, ‘Insider Job’, ‘Inner Work’, ‘Prep Work’ …

Unless we do this Home Work, unless we do this ‘Work Within’ …..The results we aim to achieve & accomplish are not entirely impossible but are not our 100% achievements.

No matter how active we are in all these areas of life, unless we do our home work, unless we do it with and from our Activated Hearts, the results that we want will not be optimum.

We might say we will do it, we might think we are doing it….. But

  • Study, we may all at school, unless we relearn and study at home, the results aren’t up to the mark.

  • Work hard, we may all at office, unless we do the back office work and the prep work, the backlog and chaos is inevitable.

  • Clean, we may all our house, unless we organize and give everything its space, it’s a mess once again.

  • Work out, we may all at gym, unless we cultivate some disciplinary food habits at home, it is but a futile attempt to stay healthy.

  • Book worm, we may all be, unless we can digest the positive aspects from it, it is but a waste of time.

  • Spiritual retreats, we may all attend, unless we come back and practice at home, it is but a temporary getaway.

  • Seminars or Webinars, we may all attend, unless we extract all the important points we need for us, it is but waste of our time and money.

This is probably why, we expect and want a lot of things for free in life. But nothing comes for FREE!! Free is not just about free of cost, costing us no money, Free is more than just money.

Free is about the ‘FREEDOM’ in life. The ‘KINGDOM’ we want to build in life can be our ‘FREEDOM’ but we can’t build it for FREE!!

The same way, the ‘INNER KINGDOM’ that we all long to build ‘WITHIN’ can lead us to and become our ‘INNER FREEDOM’ but we can’t build it for ‘FREE’.

The same way, the ‘Changes’ we want to make in our Life, can’t come for Free!!

We gotta do our HOME WORK, the WORK WITHIN,

We gotta ‘do our ‘HOME WORK’ , that is ACTIVATE our HEART WITHIN’

The Work done in Our Hearts for Our Hearts, Is the home work we all need to do in life to Be the change we want to see in our world.

Home Work, the Within Work, the Heart Work is what we must do ….to transform ourselves.

#Walkwithmi as we each do our home work

Walk with mi as we each do the work within,

Walk with mi as we each activate the heart within.


I thank you for #walkingwithmi today. If you find this helpful, drop in a heart, share it .

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