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Should you strive to 'Deserve' or 'D(e)rive' ?!!

D-eflate E-go and SERVE is how I see the word 'DESERVE' .
D-RIVE with E-go in its rightful place is how I see the word 'DeRIVE.'

D-eflate E-go and SERVE

Isn't that what we all feel we should do in life?? In some way or another -  Neglect the ego, Disregard the ego and just Serve others..... Until it, itself burns out of energy like 'Air out of a Tyre'‼️    So, either we land up 'deflating the ego' by disregarding it, or land up on 'filling up the ego' with some self care. Either ways we are focused so much on the ego.... That we miss the whole point!  What is the role of ego⁉️ Where is it's rightful place⁉️ And so, as we walk further on this path of Self Transformation, we come to see 'EGO' as an important part of the whole vehicle! We come to see it, akin to a TYRE of a vehicle, without which the car, the scooter, the cycle cannot run smoothly‼️ It is but a valuable part on which the whole vehicle stands and runs‼️

So rather, why don't we strive to.....

  • Realize, understand & remember it's rightful place & it's function i.e. Tyre, for the whole vehicle to run smoothly⁉️

  • Focus on how to plug in our vehicle to the true source of energy and stay plugged in for us to 'D'e'rive continuously ⚡?!

  • Place our attention on making sure the whole vehicle runs smoothly and travels to as many places as it is meant to go ?!

  • Become aware of our place in this vehicle.... which is to be in the D(e)river seat and D(e)rive, no matter how smooth or bumpy the roads are ?!

For that's when the same EGO can become E-nergy that GOes -

  • Wherever we turn our steering towards ☸️

  • Wherever we have put our navigation towards 🧭

And that's when the same EGO becomes a 'Tire' less Service to others -

  • By making sure the vehicle it is attached to, 'D(e)rives' smoothly when on the road!

  • By moving ahead, instead of 'staying parked' or 'blocking' the road.

Let us always remember, we are 'Seeing' this vehicle, we are 'D(e)riving' this vehicle - and our EGO is but an important part of this vehicle - akin to a 'Tyre' . Let us not D-eflat E-go in our attempt to SERVE others.

Rather, our true service is when we -

* Change our vehicle from that which takes in 'Energy from others' (petrol or diesel) to a vehicle that can 'Plug In' to the true source!

* D(e)rive the vehicle given to us, without staying parked for too long, or blocking the roadway for others.

#walkwithmi on this journey of Self Transformation,

- Where we each understand the 'role' and 'function' of our EGO on this vehicle.

- Where we each realize that we are a D(e)river of this vehicle.

- Where we each remember that this vehicle is but given to us temporarily so that we can travel to places we haven't experienced before.


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