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A Journey of self unto its SELF .......

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

A Journey of self unto its SELF is what Self Transformation is all about.

And to begin any journey in life, we must find out our WHY...... 

So, to help you begin your journey, I aim to answer these two questions : 

  1. Why Self Transformation?

  2. Why does this journey begin from the Roots?

So, maybe just maybe over the years, you have done it all :

* Applied all the law of attraction principles, 

* Tried changing your thoughts, practiced positive thinking,

* Practiced different types of meditation techniques, 

* You have read all the major personal development books, 

* Regularly listened to positive information and knowledge available on YouTube videos, podcasts, etc

* Regularly surrounded yourself with positive people, practiced mindfulness, volunteered at community projects, 

* Attended  live workshops or online courses,

* Exercised, eaten healthy.

Which is Great! We must strive to do all that can be done from outside.....

But then the question is -

Who is doing it?

Who needs meditation?

Who needs to read the personal development books?

Who is attending the workshops and courses?

Who is surrounding themselves with positive people ?  


You may say it's 'i' of course!!  So, now is the time to re-think this 'i' !  How so?

So, assuming that you have tried it all, and also succeeded to a certain extent in manifesting and living the life of your dreams, 


At times, found yourself struggling to implement the knowledge gathered to manifest your desired outcomes and live the life of your dreams, and found yourself trying even harder......!

Whatever it might be, you soon sense that something in you is still not content, still not satisfied, you still find yourself searching for it somewhere - books, meditations, people, work etc. 

Your search continues - consciously or unconsciously...... Something in you wants to grow, expand, break free, explore, live to its highest potential, find out what all it is capable of......!

If you find yourself agreeing to any of this, you have found your WHY!  


As to why you need to begin your journey of Self Transformation now! 

It's the 'i' who longs to expand itself into 'I' and live life from it.  

But,then you may find yourself wondering - How is it possible?

i don't even know who & what 'I' is? What is the different between 'self' and 'Self'?

Which is where your  journey begins.....

By first finding out who 'i' is..... who 'self' is ...... which requires you to get to the roots of it all, that lay within!  

For unless you go to the roots within......

How will you ever find out what was it that gave rise to these roots?!  

How will you ever find out that it is 'i' who is at the root of it all?

For unless you go to the roots within.....

How will you ever be able to change the seed out of which arose these roots?

How will you ever be able to change the seed of 'i' into a 'I'?

And thus begins your journey of Self Transformation, deep from the roots within.

And the only one who can go to into the depths of it all.... IS YOU!! 

A Journey of Self Transformation where you - yourself 'transition forward in