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Our Den's'ity is co-related to our DE'S'TINY

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

A shift in our Den's'ities can move mountains in our De's'tinies !! Find out how our densities create our Destinies!

Density is defined as the extent to which something is filled or covered with -  people or things. Synonyms : closely set, crowded conditions, compactness, less space, tighter are few words to describe density

                           So how is this related to our Destiny? 

The denser our  minds , the denser our thoughts!  The denser our emotions, the denser our environments! The denser our persona, the denser our circle of life.....  Our Densities create our Destinies !

Does dense necessarily mean dark? negative? NO! It can be positive too... but nonetheless it is  dense, compact, limited, less space!

  • This compactness often doesn't allow our dreams to turn into a reality.  

  •  These limitations often keep us in the same loop holes and vicious circles of life. 

  • These closely set  mindset often prevents us from thinking  outside the box or even breaking free of this box. 

  •  These densities control our probabilities to make our destinies. 

      A shift in our Densities can move the mountains in our Destinies!! 

Antonym of Density - Open, Uncompressed, Sparse, Scattered, Spread out, Thinness. 

  • The open our mind sets, the more willingness to think bigger and greater. 

  • The bigger the space between our thoughts, the more peaceful we become. 

  • The greater we spread out our warm emotions, the wider our friend circles. 

  • The sparser our environments, the greater our mobility. 

A small shift of 'S' in our Den's'ity can change our De's'tiny !!

And this 'S' is none other than our 's'elf shifting to  Our 'S'elf !!

And this shift is called  Self Transformation! 

And this Self Transformation, naturally, gradually and automatically leads us to widen our densities, opens us up to new possibilities,  creates space for us  to spread out our wings. 

#walkwithmi as we each make this small shift in our Den's'ities of life.

#walkwithmi as we each transform our De's'tinies in life!!

I thank you for choosing to 'WalkwithMi' and trusting me enough to share this journey with me.

Thank you for joining our community of like-minded people who believe that true change begins from within.

If you are finding these posts helpful, do consider asking you friends and family to start their 3 day free trial and start their journey of #selftransformation today.

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