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Personal Balance or Bank Balance?!

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Did you grow your Personal Balance or your Bank Balance when watering your ideas?!

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Personal Balance or Bank Balance?

Which one did you grow when watering your ideas?

Was it the growth of your personal balance that automatically led to the growth of your bank balance? 


Was it the growth of your bank balance which often came at a cost of your personal Imbalance?!

We all know and have also experienced to a larger extent that money doesn't give or bring us happiness, joy or peace. In fact, all the good things in life can't be bought with money! And yet everything in life, revolves around money - finding ways to earn, increase our incomes, climbing the success ladder, increasing the bank balance, saving for future and so on....... 

                                                    So then the question is WHY?

  • Is it because money is seen as the ultimate reward, the ultimate accomplishment, the ultimate measuring of the worth of our hard work, our ideas, our growth? 

  • Is that why we have completely and totally unconsciously, based even our Self-Worth on the amount of money earned - spent- saved - invested , etc?

Because deep down we all know that the worth of a person cannot be measured by the money one earns, nor  one's success or failure through outside appreciations and validations..... 

In fact, true worth is something that which can't be measured...... Rather

  • It is to be felt in one's determination, persistence, and perseverance when one is pursuing one's ideas. 

  • It is to be seen in one's endurance and commitment towards one's endeavors.

  • It is to be sensed beyond the actions taken or the words spoken. 

Which is probably why, majority of the ideas & inventions are all about commitment, endurance, persistence, determination and perseverance. 

Which is why, majority of the dream projects are all about 'I can do it, even if I can't see it yet'  

Which is why passions are all about creating and bringing them alive which at the same time fuels personal growth and balance.

                                    Money then is just a by-product of it all!! 

So, then the questions that we need to be asking ourselves before beginning any venture, idea, passion, dream project are -

  • Is it the ultimate reward of money, that is fueling and driving me to pursue my passion, ideas, dreams? 

  • Is it the possibility of  a greater recognition, appreciation, validation that motivates my actions? 


  • Is it that, this idea, passion, the dream project leading me towards a greater personal balance?

  • Is it that, this dream project inspires me to take the actions which not only benefits me but rather serves mankind as a whole? 

 Mi&u is our life journey where we each focus on growing our own individual personal balance which as a by-product not only increases our bank balance, and rewards us with recognition, appreciation, etc BUT also adds on to the collective growth & balance.

Thank you for being a part of our community and choosing to #walkwithmi on our journey to #bethechange we want to see in our world.

Share your thoughts, experiences in the community and in the comments.

If you are finding this helpful, consider asking your friends and family to start their 3 day free trail and begin their journey of #selftransformation today.

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