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At the HEART of it all......

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched they must be felt with the heart.”

Now then, isn't it time we give as much or even a little more importance to our hearts as we give to our minds?!

While we all more or less, know the drills of programming our minds…..

While we, all from time and again, are conscious enough to observe the nature of our thoughts…

While we all aim to fully be able to tap into the powers of our minds…..


Our hearts require as much attention as our minds, maybe even more!

For a closed heart is like a closed gate to the garden of our mind…

That is the reason why the garden of our minds has more weeds than flowers! A closed heart means no love & light supply to keep the garden of mind watered & bright enough for the flowers to bloom!

While weeds are like negative thoughts that grow and multiply endlessly, flowers are like positive thoughts that creates and spreads its fragrance naturally and without count!

So, trying to convert a weed of negative thought into a flower of positivity is futile…. Instead why not learn to open our hearts, and keep them open for the ‘love and light supply’ to automatically create, water and light, the flowers of positive thoughts in the gardens of our minds?

For it is the opening and closing of our hearts that actually determines the effectiveness of our abilities to tap into the power of our minds!

For an open heart is a like a magnet, it draws into itself like itself – LOVE and LIGHT!!

So, then the question is how do we know if our heart is open or closed?

· It is simple…. every interaction, every experience, every environment either closes or opens our hearts!!

· It is simple….. Every negative thought is a sign of heart closing up or closed off, especially if the thoughts of such kind persist. And every positive thought is a sign of an open heart or our heart opening up!!

· It is simple…..A heart which is mended, broken, locked up, closed off, will eventually override the positive programs in our minds !

· It is simple….A heart which is open only fuels more of positivity, through love and light!!

So, instead of focusing on the positivity and the negativity of a thought, why not place our attention to find out if the gates of our hearts are open or closed?

Instead of constantly trying to push away the negative weeds or finding ways to replace them with positive fragrant flowers… why not find ways to open the gates of our hearts and keep them opened?

Because don’t we realize….?! We can’t think much when we are in love!!

Because don’t we remember…..?! We automatically become the best version of ourselves when we are in love!!

Because can’t we see….?! Love is not blind, in fact mind is blank when love is in the air!!

So then, the question arises HOW? How do we open our heart and keep it open?

It is also simple….

· Pursue what catches our heart, not what catches our eye!!

· Do what we love….

· Be who we love…..

· Listen to our heart, it speaks in language not spoken by words….

· Feel our heart, it communicates in ways not understood by mind….

· Our heart always KNOWS, while our mind always tries to believe…

* That is why it is futile to reprogram our mind with our heart closed..... why not rather open our heart and our mind will automatically calibrate itself to the magnetic power of love & light.

*That is why, it is easier listen to our heart, for our minds can waver & change in each scenario!

* That is why, it wiser to strive to keep an open heart, so it can draw into itself … like itself!

* That is why, it is best to keep on loving life to allow our heart’s magnetic powers to create its miracles!

* For our mind shows us illusionary magic while our heart creates visionary miracles!

It is time to exit the prison of our mind ....

And our own heart is the gateway to exiting that prison!

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