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Ego Eyes while Soul Sees!!

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Are you an 'Eyer' or a 'Seer'?

Are you a "Believer' or a 'Knower'?

Because Remember

Ego Eyes but Soul Sees!


Our ego self looks through the eyes of our programmed minds, our conditioned personas,  our left and right brains, through the negatives and the positives, the blacks and the whites, the masculines & feminines and the polarities of our own selves. 

The ego self needs physical eyes to look. That's why our ego, the false self, always seeks material things, because it needs to 'eye it to believe it'!  

While on the other hand, our True Self,  our Souls just Sees!  It knows it and sees it!  It doesn't need to believe nor needs physical eyes to see because it just knows and sees everything in its entire totality. That is why Soul resides in  the Heart region. Soul doesn't need proof, nor does soul crave wealth in material form. It sees it, feels it and knows it. 

Which is where Quantum physics comes in...... The Observer Effect teaches our ego self, that  everything in the universe can behave as a particle, a physical object or it can act as a moving wave of energy.  In fact, it exists as both at the same time. It can alternate, or change randomly and unexpectedly from one to the other,  until the 'observer' sees it or eyes it into a fixed state of particle. And so, until it is seen or eyed.... it exists as both a particle and and wave. 

This brings us to the illustration above, where three people  - a child, a woman and a man are seeing three different paintings ......

                         Are they eyeing or seeing the same way? 


  • We eye the way we are wired to eye! We don't even see! 

  • We eye the way we are energetically inclined to 'eye'!  We have yet to learn to see! 

  •  We eye the way we are vibrating at that moment in time! We have yet to teach ourselves to truly see! 

- The center painting teaches us that to find the secrets of the universe, we need to think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. 

- The right painting awakens us to our own power of seeing rather than mere eyeing!!

- The left painting shows us that everything exists in entire totality.... the light contains the darkness within and so does the darkness, contain the light within. 

 It is up to each one of us as observers, to challenge what we see! 

It is up to us as observers,  to shift from our mere 'eyeing' the world  to truly 'seeing' our world! 

        As the saying goes, 'Be the change you want to see in your world'

                  How about, ' See the change you want to be in your world' ?

And so, in our journey of Self Transformation, the first thing we need to learn is to how to stop 'eyeing ' ourselves through our ego selves and instead start 'seeing' ourselves through our Heart and Soul.

I thank you for #walkingwithmi on this journey of #selftransformation.  

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