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It's all about learning.... learning to ask the right questions!

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

'Ask and it is Given' - But then, do we 'really' know what it is that we are asking for?!

'Never stop learning..... Because life never stops teaching.'

That's the reason, it's not as much about learning the right answers as it is about learning to ask the 'right questions' at the 'right time' and knowing that the answers will come, in some form at the right time. 

So, our part in this whole process is :

  • Learning to ask ourselves the right questions.

  • Learning to create the right internal dialogue.

  • Knowing that the right answers always come at the right time.

  • Knowing that they come the moment we are willing & ready to listen. 

Hence the questions we should be asking ourselves, when beginning to strengthen our commitment needed to walk on this journey of Self Transformation, are :-

  • What is Self Transformation? 

  • Who needs to transform? Who can transform? 

  • Where is this transformation taking place? Where is my self transformation leading me towards? Where is my self transformation moving me forwards?

  • Why do i want self transformation? Why do i need to transform myself, if all I want is to manifest and live my dream life? 

  • When will this transformation take place?

  • Which self needs to transform?

  • How can i transform myself? How do i know what parts of me needs to transform? 

We have all heard about the famous Abraham Hicks phrase - 'Ask and it is Given' ......  

 But then do we even know what it is that we are asking for?!

Have we really learnt to ask the right questions at the right time?

 So, the real question we should be asking ourselves is - How do i know what to ask? When to ask? Who to ask? 

That is the reason, it's all about learning.....LEARNING TO ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS!!

And it all begins by learning to create the right internal dialogue (not listening to the inner chatter!!) It all starts from learning how to truly talk to our own selves !  This is a key factor in our journey of Self Transformation and it all begins with a part of us asking our True Self, our Higher Self the right questions and trusting that we will be given all the answers, the moment we are willing & ready to listen. 

So, 'start small but strong'...... as in start creating small but right internal dialogues everyday for at least few minutes looking by at yourself in the mirror and looking into your own eyes!

I thank you for #walkingwithmi today. I hope that you truly ask yourselves these questions and trust that the answers meant for you will be given. 

Thank you for joining our community of like-minded people who believe that true change begins from within.

Do consider asking your friends and family to start their 3 day free trial and begin this journey of #SelfTransformation today.

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