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NASEEB - Is what i am seeing the ultimate truth?

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

NASEEB - Hindi word for Fate, Destiny.

As we move further on our path of Self Transformation…..

The questions that might pop up are - So, where does my NASEEB come in? Don't i have to go through what ever is in my 'NASEEB'? Am i not supposed to live that which i am fated to live? Destined to experience? And probably many more.....

Since our journey is all about introspection & reflection, when we really reflect on the word, we see that the answer lies in itself …. NASEEB is N – A – SEE – B

All our lives so far, whenever we have thought of the word NASEEB .......We have most probably, always said to ourselves – “NA (no) what i SEE , is what i Be-live!!"

Meaning, we have just unconsciously conditioned ourselves -“ Naturally & Automatically that what I SEE is what i obviously Believe to be true! And guess what!! What i Believe to be true is what i Naturally & Automatically continue SEEing and call it my NASEEB, Fate, Destiny. And that continues as what i call my life & experiences.

And as this circle continues... this circle of 'i See so i Be-live and so i Be-live, i See ..... we realize we have been sleep-walking in circles!! And that is where when we straighten up, not only this circle but also ourselves when we walk on this path of Self-Transformation, we slowly awaken to a new way of Seeing, Being & Living.

That is why, our journey of SELF TRANSFORMATION is all about ‘BEing the change we want to SEE in our world’....... And since, transformation is all about changing the formation of the construct itself, then when we talk about self transformation, we are talking about changing the formation of the self that we are seeing!!

And in the same way, when we talk about changing our NASEEB, our Fate, our Destiny…. We are talking about transforming the way we see the word (world) itself….. because remember "When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change." - Wayne Dyer

And when we transform the construct of the word (world) NASEEB itself & turn it 180° around….. We now have an unknown word - 'BEESAN' .... It has no meaning except for that which we give to it.

For me BEE-S-A- N means

- BEE-live first, Seeing Automatically & Naturally happens......

- BEE-live first, and life will Show us, Automatically & Naturally , that which we want to see in our world.....

- BEE-live in your Self and you shall see the self transforming Automatically & Naturally!!

But herein, lies the catch that makes us question -"Can we BEE-live in that which we can't SEE in our physical worlds yet?!"

I thank you for #walkingwithmi today. I truly wish that this helps you transform the way you see things in life, including yourself. I look forward for you to joining our community of like-minded people. Share this post with your friends & family. Share your thoughts in the comments.


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