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naSEEb – SEEing the Infinite Possibilities

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Naseeb - Hindi word for Fate, Destiny

As we have hopefully seen and realized, in the previous blog…… that NASEEB, (fate, destiny) feels like a vicious circle, only because our eyes are closed and we are seeing a dream that we call a reality. And so, wanting to manifest anything outside of this dream feels like it is impossible!

Hence, it's valuable to keep in our minds & hearts that, this journey is all about transformation - from the roots & the core. So, to truly manifest life from the infinite possibilities that currently seem unavailable to us……

We need to realize, that just as

‘Within the problem itself, lies the Solution'

The same way,

‘Within the word NASEEB itself, lies the Answer’!!

That is - We Need to be Awake to truly be able to SEE what lies Beyond the current dream which we call a living reality.

And so its time we realized that -

To dream we need to close both our eyes….

To visualize also, we need to close both our eyes….

But to Awaken, we need to open only one eye!

To SEE, one open eye is all that is needed!

And that is our INNER EYE!

For it is only an awakened eye that can drop the Non/Applicable Beliefs that constructs our NAseeB ! For it is only an awakened eye that can SEE the infinite possibilities open and available to us at all times.

So, the question we should be asking ourselves when wanting to manifest anything in life is not – How can I change my NASEEB (fate, destiny)?

But rather,

How do I open my EYE? My Inner EYE?

Ask and you shall receive!! #abrahamhicks

And the answer to this question is in the word - naSEEb !!

  • Each time, we SEE something and it No longer creates an Automatic reaction within us.... we are Breaking the chains of our Beliefs.....

  • Each time, we SEE something and it feels like it No longer Applies to us in our lives... we are Breaking the chains of our Beliefs....

And as we drop the N/A Beliefs from our lives, guess what is left of the so called word- naSEEb?!

And remember, our inner eye only SEEs!! It can only SEE where the eye is positioned!

Hence, for the awakened eye the word naSEEb doesn't exist!

The awakened eye has no N/A Beliefs in i