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OUT with the DOUBT

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

They make us question our every step....

They make us question our every move.....

They crop up and they creep in, often unwanted and unknowingly...

What is it, that from time and again block our forward movement in life?


What are DOUBTS?

Are they mere lack of conviction in our abilities? Are they a mere sign of lack of trust?

Are they but a mere warning to watch out for all the things that might go otherwise?

What are DOUBTS?

DOUBTS are nothing but

D-eadly, O-utdated, U-nwanted , B-locks that T-rash our S-ystem

DOUBTS are nothing but

D-estructive, O-utgrown, U-nnecessary , B-eliefs, and T-houghts that have become S-tale

What exactly are they trying to communicate? What is their exact nature? Are they trying to detour us? Are they trying their best to keep us in our zone?

· Doubts reveal to us what blocks lay within….

· Doubts arise to show us what we need to clear…

· Doubts are in fact the red flags that reveal what needs to be transformed!!

· Doubts crop up to communicate that we are stepping out of our current normal…

· Doubts creep in as a defense mechanism based on our past experiences….

· Doubts demand answers to questions at every step taken out of our comforts…

· Doubts require strengthening our conviction for every move forward, out of our zones…

· Doubts are Natures way of testing us how determined are we to move forward…

· Doubts are Natures way of checking our persistence in wanting to step out of our current norm…

· Doubts are Natures way of helping us strengthen our endurance needed to persevere towards our goals.

And since, our journey is of Self Transformation..... each time doubts crop up, we now learn to ask ourselves-

Isn’t it time to Move OUT the DOUBT?! Isn’t it time to keep the DOUBTS, OUT for good?!

And since, our journey is of Self Transformation and by now we have slowly & hopefully learnt to exercise our powers of Alchemy! We now say-

DOUBTS are good,

They give Mi an opportunity to move

O-ver those U-necessary T-houghts

O-ver the U-nwanted T-rash

DOUBTS are good,

They give Mi a chance to

D-issolve the B-locks that lay on my path ….

D-econstruct the B-eliefs that stop me from moving ahead….

OUT with the DOUBT

These are some ways I dissolve and deconstruct my doubts. Share in the comments, what are some of the ways you move past beyond your doubts. I thank you for #walkingwithmi today. If you liked reading this, please click on the little heart button to show your support. Share it with people who might find it helpful. Check out the paid plan options and start your 3 day trial today, to get access to more such content and support on Patreon.


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