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What if.....I am Okay?! What if.....I am OaK?!

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

As we continue further on this journey of Self Transformation, on becoming the change we want to see in our world, on seeing the change we want to be in our world......

It’s now time to ask ourselves....

What if I was Okay? What if I am Okay?! What if I will be Okay?!

What if Okay actually meant OaK…. Yes like an Oak tree?!

What if I am Okay and I don't know it?!

What if I am as mighty as an OaK….yes as an oak tree and I don't know it?!

Then isn't it time, we began from the end and see ourselves at the end result of being OKAY, of being OaK?! So then, the question we should now be asking ourselves is - How would we see ourselves if 'we were Okay'?! How would we be if 'we were OaK'?!

Wouldn't we have the same qualities as the mighty OaK tree?! Yes, we would!

And so, just like the mighty oak tree....

  • We would also be 'as above, so below'. Our roots would also be as deep within as we rise above to reach the limitless sky.

  • We would also be one the most loved species on the planet!

  • We would also live a life of strength, knowledge and longevity.

  • We would consider this human life as a sacred spiritual gateway to find out who we truly are.

  • We would also be a cosmic storehouse of wisdom and knowledge embodied in our own inner strength.

  • We would also be a living legend representing all that is true, whole, stable and noble.

  • We would also grow slowly, but surely at our own rate and at our own pace.

What if we are OKAY? What if we are OaK?!

Then the fruits we would have would be symbolic of an acorn – achievements, abundance, prosperity, good luck, power, spiritual growth, a seed within it with potentiality to grow into yet another mighty oak tree.

Then the fruits we would cherish and experience would be in terms of life transforming lessons of an acorn -

  • teaching us fruit of patience for acorns first appear on the tree after at least 50 years.

  • teaching us that we too have within us a seed of something wonderful that is yet to develop, if only we were to look deep inside and discover it.

  • teaching us that it’s from little things, that big things grow.

What if I am OKAY and now I know it?!

What if I am as mighty as an OaK….yes as an OAK tree and now I know it?!

I thank you for #walkingwithmi on this journey of #selftransformation. If you like this post, please share your thoughts in the comments and share it with at least one person who might benefit from reading this. Consider the paid plan options for member-only access for more such inspiring, life transforming content. Show your support on #patreon.


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