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Why not....start with Why?!

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

A sudden career change! Once again?!

As I found myself once again, switching from one career path to another in a span of two years - from a successful admin job to a growing online Disney jewelry web-shop, to yet another - this time into an unknown terrain, into the world of content creators and Inspirers!

I found myself once again at a cross roads in life. With no security of financial earnings from it and work which, even though didn't feel like work, took up long hours into the whole process of creating it...... I realized, that unless I backed it up with a strong sense of WHY, I was not going to be able to take it further, as I dreamed and imagined the bigger picture to be.

Unlike the previous career paths which were solely motivated and driven by the monetary earnings, this one was not motivated or driven by outside factors..... Creating illustrative posts, writing blogs & creating videos on Self Transformation was all about inspiration, which automatically aligned me with my spirit each time i was in the creator mode!

And so, my WHY for creating all of it, became all about ......

* Finding creative and inspiring ways to show everyone that all it takes for them to see the change in their world is by becoming that change.

* Sharing the knowledge in an effective, practical ways that would help them bring changes from deep down within, from inside out.

* Wanting to inspire everyone that all they needed to do was to awaken to the possibility of Self Transformation.

So, why not begin your journey of Self Transformation by finding out your WHY and grounding yourself with a strong sense of why, so that it helps you to build your commitment needed to walk this path. You can read this post here as a guide.

And so, with this website, my main aim is to bring all the usable, life changing content onto one platform. Here you can browse through the Instagram posts, in-depth blogs on each of my Instagram posts, practical exercises in the form of worksheets and vlogs relating to all of it. And while, I believe all the knowledge should be shared freely and with everyone, I realized if I am to really turn this around into a full-time Life Project, Life Mission, Life Purpose, it needs to also support me enough, for me to be able to give my full time and effort. So that, I can create endlessly, and share it will everyone for them to benefit from it. And so, if you find any of the content on this website to have made an impact in your life, to have helped you in some form, i would appreciate your support by joining me on Patreon by pledging to be a patron or choosing any of the tiers and also sharing it with all or anyone who might find it useful.

I look forward for you to #walkingwithmi on this journey of Self Transformation where the only aim is to be the change we want to see in our world.

Check out the paid plan options for members only access and show your support on #patreon

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